crushed rock

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Noun1.crushed rock - rock fragments and pebblescrushed rock - rock fragments and pebbles    
rock, stone - material consisting of the aggregate of minerals like those making up the Earth's crust; "that mountain is solid rock"; "stone is abundant in New England and there are many quarries"
ballast - coarse gravel laid to form a bed for streets and railroads
bank gravel, pit run, pit-run gravel - gravel as found in natural deposits
shingle - coarse beach gravel of small waterworn stones and pebbles (or a stretch of shore covered with such gravel)
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Resheet with a 150mm layer of crushed rock to improve all weather access.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-57 Aggregates II-57 Key Applications II-57 Sand and Gravel II-58 Crushed Rock II-58 Cement & Concrete Products II-58 Cement II-58 Concrete II-58 Applications of Concrete II-59 Concrete in Flooring II-59 Self-Placing Concrete II-59 Concrete in Building Houses II-59 Concrete Screws II-59 Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete II-59 Concrete Pads II-60 Types of Concrete II-60 Precast Concrete II-61 Ready-mixed Concrete II-61 Bricks II-61 Metal II-61 Steel - The Chief Construction Metal II-61 7.
A railroad track bed consists of a ballast layer of crushed rock set on the road base supporting rails and ties.
The crushed rock is cleaned to remove soil and other waste.
O&G Industries plans to transport crushed rock from its New Milford, Conn.
The Japan Atomic Energy Agency's Monju reactor is the fourth location visited by an NRA-led team to check whether shattered zones, or zones of crushed rock, at the site could move in the future and undermine the safety of the facility.
Utility crews have been doing line repair work in advance of the major rebuild that will dig down close to 2 feet on the streets and then fill them back up with crushed rock and asphalt.
Our quarry produces armor stone, rip rap and crushed rock products that can be loaded directly onto barges and delivered to hard-hit western coastal communities.
The product allows contractors and architects unlimited matching access and grate cover choices, including crushed rock, hybrid softscapes, asphalt, textured and colored concrete, paver, tile or stone.
Rose, in contrast, has not gone beyond the 14th hole in either of his games - he crushed Rock 7&6 - and afterwards expressed empathy for Clarke's plight.
The poisonings began when villagers started digging illegally for gold and transporting crushed rock home from the mines.
In the Wearside League, rampant New Marske crushed rock bottom Willington 10-0 while Wolviston drew 2-2 at Silksworth and Guisborough lost 4-2 at home to Cleator Moor Celtic.