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1. A support used by an injured or disabled person, often in pairs, as an aid to walking, having a vertical shaft that is sometimes forked, a horizontal grip for the hand, and a crosspiece that is positioned under the armpit or a cuff that wraps around the forearm.
2. Something on which one depends, often excessively: a mnemonic crutch.
3. A forked support or part.
4. A forked leg rest on a sidesaddle.
5. Archaic The crotch of a person or animal.
v. crutched, crutch·ing, crutch·es
To move using a crutch or crutches.
To support on a crutch or crutches.

[Middle English crucche, from Old English crycc.]
References in classic literature ?
On this day of the year, long before you were born, this heap of decay," stabbing with her crutched stick at the pile of cobwebs on the table but not touching it, "was brought here.
and all the time his little eyes burned like coals under the heavy, horny eyelids on the top of his triangular head, as he shoved his bloated barrel-body along between his crutched legs.
Crutched Friars, and the magnificent proprietress of the Pineries, Fulham, who gave summer dejeuners frequented by Dukes and Earls, and drove about the parish with magnificent yellow liveries and bay horses, such as the royal stables at Kensington themselves could not turn out--I say had she been Mrs.