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An uncommon, white, vitreous natural fluoride of aluminum and sodium, Na3AlF6, nearly invisible in water in powdered form and used chiefly in the electrolytic recovery of aluminum. Also called Greenland spar.


(Minerals) a white or colourless mineral consisting of a fluoride of sodium and aluminium in monoclinic crystalline form: used in the production of aluminium, glass, and enamel. Formula: Na3AlF6


(ˈkraɪ əˌlaɪt)

a mineral, sodium aluminum fluoride, Na3AlF6, occurring in white masses, used as a flux in the electrolytic production of aluminum.
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Noun1.cryolite - a white mineral consisting of fluorides of aluminum and sodium; a source of fluorine
atomic number 9, fluorine, F - a nonmetallic univalent element belonging to the halogens; usually a yellow irritating toxic flammable gas; a powerful oxidizing agent; recovered from fluorite or cryolite or fluorapatite
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition


[ˈkraɪəˌlaɪt] ncriolite f
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88-million soft loan will be provided by China for construction of plants in Tajikistan on production of cryolite, aluminum fluoride and sulfuric acid in the territory of Yavan district, 70 kilometers southeast of Dushanbe.
The most frequent form in conditions of Yakutia's cryolite zone is soil and litter form [15,11,17].
Cryolite (CAS 15096-52-3) Market Research Report presents comprehensive data on cryolite markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.
Expanded perlite that is supplied to Saudi industries and other Gulf and African markets includes insulite for building and insulation; looslite for insulation of walls; cryolite for industrial purposes, and agrilite for agricultural purposes and as a soil conditioner.
This has certainly been the case for the Louisiana sugarcane industry where the use of insecticides began with the botanical compound ryania and the inorganic compound cryolite, advanced to the organochlorines and then organophosphates, was then followed by the pyrethroids, and currently the insect growth regulators (IGR) (Hensley 1971; Rodriguez et al.
According to details, Falcon Abrasives Private Limited, the manufacturer of Abrasives Cloth Sheet, Belts/Roll, Sand Paper, Fiber Disc and Buffering Paper has requested the NTC for reduction of customs duty and sales tax on import of its raw materials, inputs including water proof base paper, brown fused aluminium oxide, phenol crystal, BYK-346, fine milled cryolite, vulcanized fibre, coupling agent and kraft paper used by the applicant to compete with imported products, said a statement issued by the NTC here on Monday.
The "prophet boy" Isaiah's most telling prophecy becomes his final act: death is preferable to the continued existence he must bear under the hands of the colonising and body-abusing Cryolite Company.
To arrive at his figures, Hodge cited a classic study of the effects of fluoride among cryolite workers by a European researcher, Kaj Roholm, and published in 1937.
The Company also has three aluminium powder metallurgy plants, and produces cryolite, aluminium fluoride and cathodes.
The remaining cryolite slag (dross) is removed from the surface and the molten composites were cast into a mold.
Cryolite (Na3AlF6, sodium hexafluoroaluminate) is an uncommon mineral identified with the once large deposit at IvigtE[c]t on the west coast of Greenland, which ran out in 1987.
The process involves dissolving alumina in molten cryolite.