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A surgical instrument used to apply extreme cold to tissues during cryosurgery.


(Surgery) a surgical instrument with an extremely cold tip, used in cryosurgery to destroy tissue


(ˈkraɪ əˌproʊb)

an instrument used in cryosurgery for applying extreme cold to diseased tissue in order to remove or destroy it.
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A 3-dimensional ultrasound system developed at our institution was used to guide and verify cryoprobe placement.
The subject of the contract consists firstly, the replacement of a low-field NMR spectrometer (200 MHz to be removed) by a high field spectrometer (500 MHz minimum) with a sample changer and two sensors: a cryoprobe and a hot head probe (Lot # 1), secondly, by acquiring accessories (cryoprobe and sample changers) to be installed on high field NMR present in the service (Set # 2).
After this company was sold in 2005, Dr Altman became a partner of CryoProbe, a cryogenic probe technology company.
Finally, the electronically chilled cryoprobe is used to rapidly chill the area being treated.
15]N cryoprobe attached to a cryoplatform (the preamplifier cooling unit).
7,8) In 1977, Rodgers and colleagues demonstrated that the endobronchial application of a cryoprobe to tracheal stenoses in sheep was not only safe but that the lesions healed with minimal submucosal fibrosis?
The resulting closed-cycle cryoprobe is extremely compact, can operate indefinitely, and does not require ventilation.
Multiple cryoprobe needles filled with circulating liquid nitrogen transform the prostate into an iceball, resulting in substantial tissue destruction and death of benign and malignant cells.
Moreover, as the enlarging ice ball approaches a ureter or another key structure, its progress can be halted by turning off a particular cryoprobe.
Cryoassisted lumpectomy, which involves ultrasound-guided prelumpectomy insertion of a cryoprobe through the center of the tumor via a 3-mm incision, appears to facilitate more accurate tissue resection and to decrease positive margin rates, said Dr.
Use of a microwave and cryoprobe to ablate the area producing atrial fibrillation