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An apparatus used to maintain constant low temperature.

cry′o·stat′ic adj.


(General Engineering) an apparatus for maintaining a constant low temperature or a vessel in which a substance is stored at a low temperature


(ˈkraɪ əˌstæt)

an apparatus used to maintain chemical or organic samples at a very low constant temperature.
cry`o•stat′ic, adj.
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Noun1.cryostat - a thermostat that operates at very low temperatures
thermoregulator, thermostat - a regulator for automatically regulating temperature by starting or stopping the supply of heat
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The superferrischen magnets have a conventional hot iron yoke, But are operated with a superconducting coil in a cryostat.
It comes with the vendor's cryogen-free bottom-loading cryostat (the OptistatDry BLV), an MFLI lock-in amplifier from Zurich Instruments, a specially designed ESD break-out box, and high-quality cables.
Today is her 20th day inside her Cryostat - a huge human Thermos flask from which she hoped one day she will emerge and be cured of her cancer.
Today is her 20th day in the Cryostat - suspended in liquid nitrogen in a huge human Thermos flask.
Cryostat Market by Type (Closed-Cycle, Continuous-Flow, Bath, Multistage), System Component (Dewars, Transfer Tubes, Gas Flow Pumps, Temperature Controllers, High Vacuum Pumps, Microtome Blades), Cryogen, Industry, & Geography - Global Forecast to 2022
Each feeder is made up of an in-cryostat feeder, a cryostat feed-through, and the coil terminal box/S-bend box (CTB/SBB) assembly.
Thermo Scientific has introduced a new manual cryostat.
Additionally, the user has the choice to configure the unit either as a down-looking microspectrometer for mapping of samples, or as a side-looking microspectrometer, for samples mounted inside an upright cryostat, for temperature-controlled measurements.
They sit on top of a tank filled with superfluid liquid helium, inside a giant thermos flask known as a cryostat.
Sections cover histopathological diagnosis; different colon diseases with chronic constipation; a laboratory guide to histopathological diagnosis of intestinal motility disorders; preparation of cryostat sections from biopsies and colorectal specimens; and immunohistochemical techniques of paraffin sections in the diagnosis of gut dysmotility.
Seven momarsa for the supply of (a) an automatic instrument for the optical hybridding, (b) a cryostat instrument for immediate analysis of tissues, (c) two operation theaters' tables, (d) a centrifuge instrument, (e) an electric saw for pathological orthopedics cases, (f) laboratory instruments, also (g) an instrument to test and measure lungs functions.
In the experiment, two of the copper magnetic field coils on the Golem tokamak in Prague were replaced by high temperature superconductor in a simple cooling system known as a cryostat Plasma pulses were then created in the normal way and the tokamak operated exactly as expected.