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The selective exposure of tissues to extreme cold, often by applying a probe containing liquid nitrogen, to bring about the destruction or elimination of abnormal cells.

cry′o·sur′geon (-jən) n.
cry′o·sur′gi·cal (-jĭ-kəl) adj.


(Surgery) of or relating to cryosurgery
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Then, the open-spray method was used, which consisted of a cryosurgical unit, liquid nitrogen, and spray-tip attachments.
Contract notice: Liquid nitrogen dermatology cryosurgical equipment.
Surgical options are electrocautery of inferior turbinates, [2] Submucosal Diathermy (SMD), [3] cryosurgical reduction, [4] Laser surgery, [5] radiofrequency tissue ablation, [6,7] partial inferior turbinectomy (PIT), [8] Inferior Turbinate Bone Resection (ITBR), [9] etc.
The C2 CryoBalloon Ablation System is intended for use as a cryosurgical tool in the field of general surgery, specifically for endoscopic applications, to include ablation of Barrett's Esophagus with dysplasia.
The cryosurgical equipment operates by the Joule-Thomson effect, where compressed gas released at high flow rapidly expands and creates a very low temperature.
In sections on surgical management, shoulder girdle and upper extremities, spine and pelvis, and lower extremities, they consider such topics as cryosurgical ablation of bone tumors, total scapular resections with endoprosthetic reconstruction, hip disarticulation and creating an above-knee amputation stump after hip disarticulation, using free vascularlized fibular grafts for reconstructing segmental bone defects, and the surgical management of metastatic bone disease: femoral lesions.
Hoffer, "Results of cryosurgical treatment of equine penile neoplasms," Journal of Equine Medicine and Surgery, vol.
Treatment is essentially surgical or cryosurgical and is indicated in cases of hyperplasia, obtaining the remodelling of the nasal pyramid.
05% gel used after cryosurgical treatment of visible AKs located diffusely on the scalp is very practical and consistent with what clinicians are likely to perform.
45 Halm Tal, Jacob Landsberg, Avital Kozlovsky Cryosurgical depigmentation of the gingiva - A case report".
Data relative to the use of cryosurgical treatments or ablation therapy in Brugada syndrome are very limited at this point in time (3).