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A member of a Jewish community forced to convert to another religion and outwardly embracing it while secretly maintaining Jewish practices.
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14) Ortiz may have threatened to report Enriquez Gomez to the Inquisition as a crypto-Jew in order to prevent the author from trying to recover this money.
The long deep-frying required to make the tough rind edible also makes pig slightly more palatableits pig essence burnt out of itto the crypto-Jew who has to make a show of eating it in public.
Henry Mechoulan's short essay "The Judaism of Abraham Pereyra, a Crypto-Jew W ho Returned to Judaism in Amsterdam during the Seventeenth Century" argues that when the rich merchant Abraham Pereyra repented in old age and became a fanatical ascetic, he was really reverting to the Catholic values of his youth rather than embracing authentic Judaism.
In his Relacion the Portuguese crypto-Jew Antonio de Montezinos narrates the story of his travels in Nueva Granada, in present-day Colombia, and his encounter with the lost tribe of Reuben living in the Andes, bringing their message of hope to their Israelite brothers in the Diaspora.
I will explore the multiple characteristics that define Esther and that make her a complex symbol in the Early Modern Period through two different types of documents: the Inquisition trial of crypto-Jew Isabel de Carvajal from New Spain (1595-96), and the play La hermosa Ester (1610) by prominent Golden Age author Lope de Vega.
Jospeh Abraham Levi in Chapter Eleven, "The Transformation of the Soul," discusses Sephardic crypto-Jew Gracia Naci instrumental in the revival of Iberian Jewish practices in Antwerp and a financial power in her own right after her husband's death, which was unusual in the sixteenth century.
None of the four men had been raised as a crypto-Jew, two did not even have proven Jewish ancestry, and not one of them had set out to become a martyr before his arrest.
Among a number of connections Davison makes between Dracula and fin-de-siecle British culture (including rumours that Jack the Ripper was Jewish), one of the more interesting is her claim that aspects of the Count originate in contemporary representations of Benjamin Disraeli as the imperialist Crypto-Jew who threatens British national identity from within.
4) A crypto-Jew from a prominent family in Benavente, Spain, that resettled in Nueva Espana, as Mexico was known in colonial times, Carvajal was arrested in 1589 by the Inquisition under the suspicion of being a Judaizer, i.
Put away the proof, the map, the philosopher's biography, even if some especially fleshy details are bound to stick--Baruch, the Spanish crypto-Jew, exile, the orderly propositions and axioms.
books--from the poetry of the crypto-Jew Joao Pinto Delgado, to the
Wagschal interprets the Carrizales as a crypto-Jew.