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Any of various yeastlike fungi of the genus Cryptococcus, commonly occurring in the soil and including certain pathogenic species, such as the causative agent of cryptococcosis.

cryp′to·coc′cal adj.


(Biology) of, relating to, or caused by the Cryptococcus neoformans fungus
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The remaining case-patient, who had received a renal transplant and exhibited cryptococcal meningitis and cryptococcal BSI, was not admitted to the ICU and was therefore not included in this analysis.
The current edition of CME brings you a case of bacillary angiomatosis in an HIV-positive man; [1] a case of paraplegia that was not what it seemed to be; [2] an unusual presentation of cryptococcal laryngitis; [3] a report of ataxia as a side-effect of efavirenz use in children; [4] the value of endobronchial ultrasound; [5] the problem with a false-negative polymerase chain reaction test for HIV; [6] a case of metatstatic hepatocellular carcinoma in a pregnant woman; [7] and Kounis syndrome.
Limited quotation are invited for supply of Antifungal susceptibility testing and genotyping of the cryptococcal isolates from delhi and other parts of india -1 Cryptococcal Latex agglutination IVD kit for the detection of Cryptococcus capsular polysaccharide antigen in serum and CSF,Potatao dextrose agar,Malt extract agar base,Com meal agar,Candida Chrom Agar,Mueller Hinton Agar, 2% Glucose with Methylene blue,RPMI-1640 Powder (with L- glutamine and without bicarbonate),DMSO (Methyl sulphoxide, MOPS Powder ,Caffeic Acid Ferric Citrate Test Agar,L-Canavanine sulfate salt,Thiamine hydrochloric,Glycin,Potassium phosphate monobasic,Magnesium Sulfate,Bromothymol Blue,Methylene Blue trihydratc,Fluconazole discs,Voriconazole discs,Fluconazole E strips *
Our study underscores the importance of cryptococcal infections among HIV patients on HAART where an overall prevalence of 9.
His medical condition deteriorated and he was diagnosed with cryptococcal meningitis with positive CSF culture.
Doctors diagnosed him with cryptococcal meningitis and said he should be kept comfortable until he died.
The IMMY CrAg LFA (Cryptococcal Antigen Lateral Flow Assay) is an immunochromatographic dipstick assay for the qualitative and semiquanitative detection of cryptococcal antigen.
Abstract: Cryptococcal skeletal infections can lead to significant morbidity and mortality and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of lytic osseous lesions.
Prevention efforts targeting infection by other opportunistic pathogens include secondary prophylaxis with fluconazole (200-400 mg/day) for patients with a history of cryptococcal disease, and close monitoring of patients who live in areas of high histoplasmosis prevalence, he stressed.
Development of an enzyme immunoassay for cryptococcal antibody.
Cryptococcal neuroradiological lesions correlate with severity during cryptococcal meningoencephalitis in HIV-positive patients in the HAART era.