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 (krĭp′tō-krĭs′tə-lĭn, -līn′)
Having a microscopic crystalline structure.


(Minerals) (of rocks) composed of crystals that can be distinguished individually only by the use of a polarizing microscope


(ˌkrɪp toʊˈkrɪs tl ɪn, -ˌaɪn)

having a submicroscopic crystalline structure.
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However, only certain basic features of morphology and composition of the cryptocrystalline fine silt- to clay-size (< 5 m[micro]) constituents of mudstone have been studied so far.
After CBD extraction, some of these gravels showed a colourless, cryptocrystalline, irregular and porous fabric within which Fe oxides were still present (Fig.
It was found that the Indus bed material used in the construction of Tarbela Dam contained slow reactive aggregates like greywacke and cryptocrystalline silica, which caused ASR (Majid et al.
The term garttamalga refers to white cryptocrystalline silica.
Most are a variety of cryptocrystalline silicates, divided into fibrous chalcedony, granular cherts, and microcrystalline silicates (MCS), distinguished by coarser grains visible under a hand lens.
Classic Neuburg Siliceous Earth is a mixture of lamellar kaolinite and corpuscular, cryptocrystalline and amorphous silica.
The BASD volcanics have plagioclase and hornblende as dominant phenocrysts whereas the groundmass is cryptocrystalline having chlorite epidote sericite tremolite/actinolite and opaques.
C--Sedimentary deposits: The Magnesite and Hontite of sedimentary origin constitute depositions in isotropic and cryptocrystalline forms inside the sedimentary basins, some of which being economically exploitable.
Alkali-Silica Reaction in some concrete structures of Tarbela Dam was the result of greywacke and rocks containing micro and cryptocrystalline silica.
Its limestone is defined as mudstone, wackstone, off white to white, cream to light brown, brownish gray, soft, amorphous, chalky, cryptocrystalline to microcrystalline, brittle to crumbly, washable, slightly argillaceous, having traces of re-crystallized calcite and having poor to not visible porosity.