crystal oscillator

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Noun1.crystal oscillator - an oscillator that produces electrical oscillations at a frequency determined by the physical characteristics of a piezoelectric quartz crystal
oscillator - generator that produces sonic oscillations or alternating current
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The IC's ultra-fine step size is capable of compensating for crystal oscillator drift or IF filter drift using the proper temperature sensing.
The entire crystal oscillator market is analyzed with the help of BCG matrix and Porter's Five Forces Model for various general circuitries, applications, and geography.
As a result, a device with the capability to monitor and quantify the acceleration sensitivity of a crystal oscillator is necessary to implement a cost-effective, stable TDRSS transceiver.
An ovenized crystal oscillator (OCXO) is often used to achieve a stability of less than [+ or -]1 ppm.
KYOTO, Japan -- Kyocera Corporation (NYSE:KYO)(TOKYO:6971) and its wholly-owned subsidiary in charge of quartz device development and manufacturing, Kyocera Kinseki Corporation (herein "Kyocera Kinseki"), announced the development of the KT5032F -- a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) for micro base stations such as femtocells which supports high-capacity, high-speed wireless communications.
Since high reliability is required, especially for in-vehicle use, the AT-cut crystal oscillator with its high accuracy and high strength can be used stably in a wide temperature range.
The 260 series high precision quartz crystal oscillators have been accepted worldwide as a timing and frequency reference standard directly replacing Rubidium clocks.
Using Discera's proven silicon MEMS technology, the DSC11XX provide excellent jitter while consuming less power and delivering higher frequency stability over a wider temperature ranges than crystal oscillator products.
With the Dragonfly's easy to use GUI interface that installs on any Windows-based PC, designs using custom frequency oscillators can begin production immediately, without the special ordering and lengthy lead-times that crystal oscillators normally require.
The LVE-PECL crystal oscillator (XO) RFX250 and LVE-PECL voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) RFV250 feature phase jitter of <0.
5 MHz external crystal reference oscillator degraded by 20log(N) + 3 dB, where N is the multiplication factor of the crystal oscillator to the DRO's output frequency.
Yet now, the market position of the crystal oscillator is threatened by a new set of devices grouped under the label "silicon timing solutions.