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Adj.1.crystalised - (used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar
preserved - prevented from decaying or spoiling and prepared for future use
2.crystalised - having both internal structure and external form of a crystal; "quartz crystal is perfectly crystallized"
crystalline - consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals; "granite is crystalline"
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It crystalised into five distinct areas which both respect the uniqueness and soul of Salford and allow it to grow and encourage all forms of thinking to flourish.
As the number and strength of the Boko Haram became severely degraded, the ISIS components have crystalised and adopted a more diffuse operational strategy, which is what the nation is currently witnessing.
Insulin Aspart Soluble 30 Percent With Protamine Crystalised Insulin Aspart 70 Percent, 100 I.
2 Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, including the crystalised ginger and mix together well.
The role we strive to play, as a catalyst of knowledge and innovation, is crystalised in this exceptional nine-week adventure our students get to go on.
Crystalised using a natural solar process, it has a unique mineral content which comes through in dishes such as herbed kudu fillet.
He further said that putting forward the real paper for the peace plan in Yemen to become a working plan in a bid to reach an integrated and comprehensive peace requires more consultations, as the ideas are available and the security matter should be crystalised, which includes withdrawal and handing over arms.
The solution crystalised, covering the flat in a shimmering blue glow.
3 CRYSTALISED ginger makes a tasty treat, but don't overdo it because it's very sugary.
That spectacle [of the visit] crystalised matters for him," the statement read.
Mechanic Lee Kedward, who examined the damaged car, told the court: "It was crystalised powder, like brittle concrete, it had gone hard.