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Any of several proteins found in the lens of the eye in vertebrates and certain invertebrates.

[Latin crystallum, crystal; see crystal + -in.]
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Because the melting point of amyloids is higher than that of normal crystallins, the team focused on finding chemicals that that lowered the melting point of crystallin amyloids to the normal, healthy range.
This occurs when the structure of the crystallin proteins that make up the lens in our eyes deteriorates, causing the damaged or disorganised proteins to clump and form a milky blue or brown layer.
At the beginning of the class, we receive purposes for the initial labs that include such statements as "to understand how to perform SDS-PAGE" which transition into "purifying and characterizing mutant crystallin protein.
Two extra proteins like PB1 crystallin and aldehyde dehydrogenase1A1 (ALDH1A1) were also identified by Western blotting using monoclonal antibodies.
Worcester, WA) has patented a method for expressing proteins as a fusion chimera with a domain of p26 or alpha crystallin type proteins to improve the protein stability and solubility when over expressed in bacteria such as E.
People with an inherited mutation of a gene called alpha-B crystallin can suffer progressive heart failure, but nobody has known why.
Another protein family associated with the eye is the crystallin family, especially found in the lens.
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In contrast, eye lenses are composed largely of water and structural protein, the latter of which may be soluble or insoluble crystallin (Nicol, 1989).