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Noun1.crystallisation - the formation of crystalscrystallisation - the formation of crystals    
chemical phenomenon - any natural phenomenon involving chemistry (as changes to atoms or molecules)
efflorescence, bloom - a powdery deposit on a surface
kristallamyndun, kristöllun


(ˈkristl) noun
1. a small part of a solid substance (eg salt or ice) which has a regular shape.
2. a special kind of very clear glass. This bowl is made of crystal.
ˈcrystalline (-lain) adjective
(of minerals etc) formed into crystals. Salt is a crystalline substance.
ˈcrystallize, ˈcrystallise verb
1. to form (into) crystals. He crystallized the salt from the sea water.
2. to cover with a coating of sugar crystals. crystallized fruits.
3. to make or become definite or clear. He tried to crystallize his ideas.
ˌcrystalliˈzation, ˌcrystalliˈsation noun
crystal ball
a glass ball used in fortune-telling.
crystal clear
absolutely clear. My instructions were crystal clear.
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The reduction in pressure, as the magma rises up from the mantle to the crust, is key to the crystallisation process of the chromite.
has completed the acquisition of Scotland-based chemistry and crystallisation development services provider Solid Form Solutions, Ltd.
The state-of-the-art Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC 3+ from Mettler Toledo can measure melting points, glass transition temperatures, oxidative stability and crystallisation rates, amongst other things, and is a valuable investigative and analytical tool for the characterisation and understanding of composition and morphology of a wide range of polymers.
02 Contract Notice (below OJEU threshold): The University is looking to install a state of the art flexible multi-screen presentation system that incorporates a full H323 and SIP Video conferencing system in the EPSRC Future Manufacturing Research Hub in Continuous Manufacture and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) which is housed in the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC).
Conversely, the rating's agency would downgrade the UAE's rating if a prolonged period of lower oil prices and the crystallisation of contingent liabilities placed the consolidated fiscal accounts under sustained pressure, or in case UAE's exports would be materially affected by an escalation in regional tensions.
The minerals will be exploited by solution mining, claimed to be the lowest risk mining method suitable to this region, and will be processed by crystallisation in solar ponds prior to final refining in a process plant.
These salts are natural substances purified by fractional crystallisation, making them technically inorganic.
The temperature of -6oC causes a crystallisation of the fat cells in the treated area, causing them to die and dissolve.
The day also saw Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, pictured, reassure the Treasury Select Committee that he could see signs of stabilisation in the economy following June's referendum, and that the Bank's actions had made the crystallisation of Brexit risks less likely.
The good flow properties of Sabic PP FPC45 further facilitate thin walling and fast injection, and a higher crystallisation temperature will enable parts to be demoulded faster-reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity at the processor.
There occurred a reduction in crystallisation of PHA copolymer finely dispersed in PLA matrix.
The preliminary results of the study will be reported in this work namely concerning the ability of the EA to follow the crystallization processes under different operating conditions and different types of crystallisation, and the obtained crystals in terms of particle size distribution and agglomeration degree.