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1. Also, ctge. cartage.
2. cartridge.
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CTG funded the purchase price of the acquisition through a combination of cash on hand and a drawdown of capital from the company's recently expanded three-year revolving credit facility.
CTG was established in 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong.
CTG and Voith have already established a mutual trusting relationship based on their successful cooperation during the Three Gorges project and Xiluodu projects, and Voith, in addition, is actively joining in on overseas projects with CTG.
Bleustein joins CTG from Dell Services where he served as chief medical officer and global provider solutions leader since October 2014.
It is to be mentioned here that the CTG is working on five power generation projects including two hydropower, two wind power and one solar power project in Pakistan.
In Texas, ACA is engaged in pre-adoption of the CTG and is seeking to convince Texas to exempt coatings manufacturing solvent cleaning from the stringent CTG limits.
Dr Scott Roberts, managing director of CTG, said: "Over the last few years we have grown rapidly.
The following CTG executive committee was established in February 2007:
Additionally as a developer on Agentry's mobile platform, CTG is uniquely positioned in voice technology and logistic systems.
Davidson, who programmed the 2004-05 seasons at the Taper, Ahmanson and Douglas and will direct a yet-to-be-announced production at the Taper in the spring, remains at CTG through the summer under the title of founding director.
Through this collaboration, CTG and Verizon will be able to provide the right solutions for organizations seeking to outsource some or all of their IT functions," said Jonathan Harding, CTG's vice president and general manager of North America.
Cahners announced its intention to sell CTG in August 2000 "as part of its ongoing effort to focus growth in strategic market sectors," Cahners said.