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(Aeronautics) Control Traffic Zone: an area established around an airport to afford protection to aircraft entering or leaving the terminal area


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After launching our native app 6 months ago, our CTR is an early and proven indicator that UGC does drive higher engagement for brands.
The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded the Carinthian research centre CTR in cooperation with the German-French company Airbus Safran Launchers GmbH the contract to further develop CTR's HiPoLas[sup.
In Gabon, the carrier will implement the CTR 8440 microwave router for enterprise customers.
CTR was founded in 2005 by rental industry veteran Stuart Laurie whose background includes over ten years of technical sales experience with General Electric and Electro Rent Corporation.
According to federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, CTRs provide unique and reliable information essential to a variety of efforts, and recent advances in technology have enhanced law enforcement agencies' ability to use CTR data by integrating it with other information.
We are currently re-evaluating our sections and features within CTR to make sure that we have the optimal editorial mix to serve the needs of our readers.
The Secretary has the authority to expend CTR funds in excess than authorized if determined to be in the national interest.
CTR awards peer-reviewed grants and assures recipients they will receive full scientific independence.
This places at grave risk financial institutions or cash businesses that do not submit proper CTR forms.
East coast consumers had 26 percent higher CTR on nightlife and 18 percent higher CTR on restaurants.
As a router, CTR 8380 extends IP/MPLS to the cell site, improving network scalability and enabling new IP-based VPN services.
The first generally available product in the CTR family is the CTR 8540 microwave router, a new microwave platform that includes a fully featured IP/MPLS router, making it the most highly advanced microwave backhaul product on the market.