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n. pl. cuat·ros
A small guitarlike instrument of Latin America, usually having four or five pairs of strings.

[Spanish, from Latin quattuor, four; see quatrain.]


n, pl -tros
(Instruments) dialect Caribbean a small guitar with four strings
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Cuatro Sombras Puerto Rican-grown coffee is now available for sale in supermarkets.
If the Latin vibes move you, then be at the ARTE Music Academy tonight in Nicosia when famous Venezuelan soloist Gustavo Colina will give a performance playing the Cuatro -- a Latin American instrument of the guitar or lute family.
He plays the cuatro (four-string guitar) and classic guitar.
Por los pasados cuatro meses, Doral ha estado en espera que Hacienda provea una explicacion acerca de su intento de anular su deuda de $230 millones con Doral.
I don't like to say farewell, but obviously this World Cup will be my last games for Spain," he said on Spanish television channel Cuatro.
I'm very comfortable here, I love living here, but at times you have to think about the sporting aspect," he told Cuatro.
Green Day Cuatro A DOCUMENTARY packaged with the trio's third album Tre.
The accident took place at Cuatro Vientos Airport where more than 3,000 people gathered to watch the aerial acrobatics and vintage aircraft; the accident was just 100 meters away from the spectators.
The event began with the national anthem and La Borinquena, by Harold Hernandez on his cuatro, a traditional Puerto Rican guitar.
Millions of years ago fire and water forged the gypsum rocks locked in at Cuatro Cienegas, a Mexican valley similar to the Gale crater where Curiosity is currently located.
Another chain, AutoMercado, plans to open 3 new branches between 2012 and 2013 in the following places: Guachipelin, in the office and residential complex called Distrito Cuatro, in the residential neighborhood of Los Reyes, La Guacima in Alajuela, and in Santo Domingo de Heredia.
AWZAAN, winner of the 2009 Middle Park Stakes for Hamdan Al Maktoum and Mark Johnston, has been retired to stand at Pablo and Claudia Salomone's Haras Cuatro Piedras in Progreso, Uruguay.