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Adj.1.cube-shaped - shaped like a cube
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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Subsequently, a new cube-shaped main building will be built to the north, which will house over 1,200 students and 400 employees.
Box jellyfish are cube-shaped creatures, with one to 15 tentacles in every corner.
REAL LIFE p8 wombats do cube-shaped poos, which means it doesn't roll away when they mark their territory with it.
The pilgrims will then head to Makkah to walk seven times around the cube-shaped Kaaba in a rite called the "farewell tawaf" that marks the end of the five-day pilgrimage.
They will then circle the cube-shaped Kaaba in Mecca, Islam's most sacred site, before departing.
Many begin by circling the cube-shaped Kaaba - Islam's holiest site - and performing a series of rites that trace the footsteps of the Prophet Mohammed.
The unconventional use of flat glass panes in the cab's cube-shaped design also allow it to make maximum use of the space - something not possible with curved front panels or tilted windows.
The toys contain dozens of small round or cube-shaped neodymium magnets which have a magnetic force around 15 times stronger than the standard magnet.
The lipstick and lipgloss are cube-shaped, which the supplier says provides "a more luxury feel.
5) Imagine a cube-shaped container that measures 10x10x10 "feet"; it will hold a billion BBs.
Between sips of red wine, Lucia gazes with yearning at a locked, cube-shaped cabinet where, decades earlier -- a montage of flashbacks suggests -- she enjoyed expert cunnilingus with another woman's husband.
7, after moving into its recently completed cube-shaped courthouse in the downtown area.