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Noun1.cubic kilometer - a unit of capacity equal to the volume of a cube one kilometer on each edge
metric capacity unit - a capacity unit defined in metric terms
cubic meter, cubic metre, kiloliter, kilolitre - a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters
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Carey told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Monday the eruption has produced about a cubic kilometer of pumice.
By comparison, Los Angeles uses one cubic kilometer per year.
The team expects to complete an observatory measuring about 1 cubic kilometer by 2009-2010 that is about 20,000 times the capacity of the gigantic underground neutrino detector named Super Kamiokande in Hida, Gifu Prefecture.
Helens shot about 1 cubic kilometer of ash into the air, but Mount Mazama's eruptions fired 100 cubic kilometers of material so high into the atmosphere it probably altered the region's weather.
The innovative "underground" telescope project is called IceCube and uses a cubic kilometer of pure, ultra-translucent ice at the South Pole as a telescopic "window" or particle detector to search the universe for its smallest known particles, called neutrinos (See movies and animations on IceCube and how it works).
In the mid-1800s, gold mining released more than a cubic kilometer of mercury-laden sediments into Northern California's Sierra Nevada foothills.
That is about how much water the United States consumes in three months (a cubic kilometer is one trillion liters; approximately 264 billion gallons of water).
To put this into perspective, a cubic kilometer is one trillion liters (approximately 264 billion gallons of water), about a quarter more than Los Angeles uses in one year.
It has been described as a telescope made from a cubic kilometer of ice below the surface of the South Pole.
Fahd Al-Rasheed, group CEO and managing director of KAEC, said: "The land currently under development covers 45 cubic kilometers, including the industrial valley, King Abdullah Port and Hijaz line, in addition to the residential sites and neighborhoods.
At 46,000 cubic kilometers, the reservoir holds more than four times the volume of the smaller chamber.
That means the volume of Mars' early ocean must have been at least 20 million cubic kilometers (5 million cubic miles).