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1. Cubic.
2. Of or relating to volume.

cu′bi·cal·ly adv.
cu′bi·cal·ness n.


1. (General Physics) of or related to volume: cubical expansion.
2. (Mathematics) shaped like a cube
3. (Mathematics) of or involving the third power
ˈcubically, ˈcubicly adv
ˈcubicalness n


(ˈkyu bɪ kəl)

1. having the form of a cube.
2. pertaining to volume.
cu′bi•cal•ly, adv.
cu′bi•cal•ness, n.
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Adj.1.cubical - shaped like a cube
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions
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And as for the last, which is cubical, that'll see you, it's my prayerful wish, into a better land.
That which he had called cubical, I had never had much doubt of; sure enough it was a little Bible, to carry in a plaid-neuk.
Tenders are invited for Annual repair to electrical installation and replacement of U/G cable and Provision of main cubical panel, Main/ Generator line,cubical panel for special branch building and DRPD building at Jharkhand Police head quarter Ranchi
Due to its heavy duty rotor and large feed opening, this crusher is capable of high reduction ratios while maintaining a highly cubical finished product.
Sky Gate sits on the highest point of the Achrafieh district, and comprises four offset cubical elements constructed between two existing buildings.
Karachi: Former prime minister and chief of his own faction of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Sharif Friday said that former military dictator Pervez Musharraf should have been treated as an ordinary accused who were cuffed and kept in a damp and dark cubical at a police station.
From riches to raags; 3-manifolds, right-angled Artin groups, and cubical geometry.
Abrams, Ghrist, and Peterson observed that the transition graph G(X) is the 1- skeleton of the state complex S(X): a cubical complex whose vertices are the states of X, whose edges correspond to allowable moves, and whose cubes correspond to collections of moves which can be performed simultaneously.
Ideal retail store, curbfront with many cubical rerpair stations, equipment wharehousing for recycle, or retail stock in rear of the store.
KSPDS) and Cubical Services company dubbed "Zain is a great idea," which aims
I'm Tempted to Stop Acting Randomly is the latest collection of Dilbert comic strips, known for their utterly ruthless mockery of cubical life, corporate greed, rampant incompetence, gadgetry obsession, and much more.
There's an impressive line-up, with Random Family, Kaya, Metro Manila Aide, SJ Downes, The Cubical, The Temps, Marc Sunderland from Peter & the Wolf, Monkey, Foe, Zion, Andrew Neve, Mak Of All Trades and DJ Rasp, Tripping Forecast and Toxteth Rebel Alliance.