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1. Cubic.
2. Of or relating to volume.

cu′bi·cal·ly adv.
cu′bi·cal·ness n.
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Impact style crushers, like the Valor VSI, produce a more cubically shaped product.
Mentally, Jay was still sharp, and he continued to challenge America's business-as-usual attitudes and practices, both cubically and in the classroom.
44] = 117 in the same values in [39,40], which have a cubically anisotropic system.
To enable a direct and accurate comparison of the motor tasks in individual phases, each of the four phases was separately cubically interpolated instead of being temporally aligned throughout the turn, and then combined in the entire cycle of the turn, from 0% to 100%.
Since the number of voxels depends on the resolution of the volume cubically, the computational and memory costs quickly reach machine limits.
In 3D case, the amount of memory required for computing is cubically proportional to the model spatial size, and that's why the maximum model size is limited by the amount of computer RAM.
Sensors, arranged cubically in the three planes of space, are placed in the mouth and fixed to the posterior teeth by a splint.
This room contained electric metallic heaters, was cubically shaped, and also contained windows together with a metal fire door and two white display boards on one of the walls.
This family resembles with the well-known cubically convergent family of Chebyshev-Halley type methods (4).
Statutory minimum sentences are controlled for cubically, plus dummies for 12-month, 60-month, 180-month, 240-month, and life minimum sentences.