cuboid bone

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Noun1.cuboid bone - the cube shaped bone on the outer side of the tarsuscuboid bone - the cube shaped bone on the outer side of the tarsus
bone, os - rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
tarsus - the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg; in human beings the bones of the ankle and heel collectively
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The latter structure, along with the tendon of the tibialis posterior, was most likely also cut through at the mid-tarsal level on the plantar surface of a left foot, as indicated from three parallel cuts on the plantar surface of a cuboid bone.
Fracture of the tarsal cuboid bone is commonly referred to as the "nutcracker fracture," owing to its mechanism of injury: an acute compression of the cuboid between the anterior process of the calcaneus and the base of the fourth and fifth metatarsals, "cracking" the cuboid as a nutcracker would a nut.
Additional, during the foot loading the higher pressure distribution was under navicular bone and under cuboid bone in flat feet subjects.