cucumber vine

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Noun1.cucumber vine - a melon vine of the genus Cucumiscucumber vine - a melon vine of the genus Cucumis; cultivated from earliest times for its cylindrical green fruit
cuke, cucumber - cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable; related to melons
melon vine, melon - any of various fruit of cucurbitaceous vines including: muskmelons; watermelons; cantaloupes; cucumbers
Cucumis, genus Cucumis - cucumbers; muskmelons
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While grown on the vine, the plant is more bush-like than a cucumber vine and will produce zucchini in 45 to 50 days.
In fact, the garden has taken over a portion of the lot; a cucumber vine climbed up into the grill of an abandoned truck and overran the hood and cab.
Later this month, when you have gathered up mature onions and perhaps dug up cucumber vines that finally succumbed to bacterial wilt, it's time for yet a third wave of fall planting.
8226;Cucumber beetles are "supposed" to dislike marigolds or wood ashes sprinkled at the base of cucumber vines.