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1. Any of various mostly climbing or trailing plants of the family Cucurbitaceae, which includes the squash, pumpkin, cucumber, gourd, watermelon, and cantaloupe.
2. A gourd-shaped flask forming the body of an alembic, formerly used in distillation.

[Middle English cucurbite, from Old French, from Latin cucurbita, gourd.]


(Plants) any creeping flowering plant of the mainly tropical and subtropical family Cucurbitaceae, which includes the pumpkin, cucumber, squashes, and gourds
[C14: from Old French, from Latin cucurbita gourd, cup]
cuˌcurbiˈtaceous adj


(kyuˈkɜr bɪt)

1. a gourd.
2. any plant of the gourd family.
3. the gourd-shaped portion of an alembic.
[1350–1400; Middle English cucurbite < Anglo-French, Old French < Latin cucurbita; compare gourd, courgette]
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Noun1.cucurbit - any plant of the family Cucurbitaceae
Cucurbitaceae, family Cucurbitaceae, gourd family - a family of herbaceous vines (such as cucumber or melon or squash or pumpkin)
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Lepidoptera: Crambidae), is a serious pest in the southeastern United States where it feeds on cucurbit foliage (Fulton 1947; Dupree et al.
Two species of fruit flies established in different regions of Pakistan include, peach fruit fly, Bactrocera zonata and cucurbit fruit fly Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett).
Common squash bugs are sap-sucking hemipterans (Borror and White, 1998) commonly found on cucurbit leaves (Marah species).
There are many types of gourds in the cucurbit, or gourd, family, Cucurbitaceae, but our focus will be on the bottle gourds, Lagenaria spp.
Among cucurbit crops, the watermelon is reported to be highly consumed fruit [4].
Small, medium and large producers, with production for the domestic and foreign markets, practice the cultivation of this cucurbit in RN (GRANGEIRO et al.
This brings us to the case of the exhibitionist cucurbit (a mystery that sounds more suited to Clouseau than Poirot).
If, for example, you have fewer than four plants of a cucurbit cousin--such as cucumbers, squash and pumpkins--or only a small plot of corn, you can greatly improve fruit set by performing simple hand-pollination techniques.
It is involved with parasitizing a species complex of flies that lay eggs in cucurbit plants, like melons, cucumbers, and the squash family).
Amarrow is a cucurbit, which means it's from the same family as the melon, cucumber and squash - just like a courgette.