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v. cud·dled, cud·dling, cud·dles
To hold fondly in the arms; hug tenderly. See Synonyms at caress.
To nestle; snuggle: The children cuddled together on the couch.
The act of cuddling; a hug or embrace.

[Origin unknown.]

cud′dle·some, cud′dly adj.


(ˈkʌd li)

adj. -dli•er, -dli•est.
suitable for or inviting cuddling.
Sometimes, cud′dle•some (-l səm)
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Adj.1.cuddly - inviting cuddling or hugging; "a cuddlesome baby"; "a cuddly teddybear"
lovable, loveable - having characteristics that attract love or affection; "a mischievous but lovable child"


adjective soft, plump, buxom, curvaceous, huggable, cuddlesome, warm a small, plump, cuddly woman
insanın içine sokası gelenşirin


[ˈkʌdlɪ] ADJ (cuddlier (compar) (cuddliest (superl))) [person] → rico, tierno; [animal] → cariñoso; [toy] → de peluche


[ˈkʌdəli] adj
[soft toy, teddy] → doux(douce) cuddly toy
He's very cuddly → On a envie de le câliner.cuddly toy npeluche f


adj (+er) (= wanting a cuddle)verschmust (inf), → anschmiegsam; (= good to cuddle) toy, dollzum Liebhaben, knuddelig (inf); personknuddelig (inf); to be in a cuddly moodin einer verschmusten Laune or in Schmuselaune sein


[ˈkʌdlɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (child, animal) → coccolone/a; (toy) → morbido/a, da tenere stretto/a


(ˈkadl) verb
to hug affectionately. The mother cuddled the child until he fell asleep.
an affectionate hug.
ˈcuddly adjective
a cuddly teddy-bear.
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Convincing people to support programs for felons is tougher than selling them on cuddlier causes.
If you're after something a bit cuddlier - head to the farm barn where you'll find donkeys, goats, pigs, rabbits and more.
Just when you thought our four-legged friends couldn't get any better (or cuter, cuddlier, or generally more awesome), they go and make us laugh as well.
And, if a part of our brain forced us to tell the whole truth at all times, it wouldn't make for a better, happier, friendlier, cuddlier and more lovable world.
But it will be a much cuddlier Christmas for the 23-year-old this year after being given the all-clear from the disease.
Girls' toys are traditionally a lot cuddlier and sweeter than boys'.
The tycoon said the new cuddlier Ryanair approach is part of a bigger plan to grow the company.
But I was shocked to hear that Canada - a country I'd always imagined was nicer, more liberal and cuddlier than the USA - only officially recognised English and French.
As this beautifully shot documentary shows, that extra land is teeming with all sorts of interesting creatures from brown bears and wolves to horseshoe bats and super cute marmots (imagine cuddlier, chubbier versions of meerkats).
Think hourglass figures, with curves in the right places or the cuddlier guys.
Marble-mouthed to the extent that he renders "uncooperative" as a two-syllable word, he manages to evoke a slightly cuddlier version of Gary Oldman's schizoid cop in "Leon: the Professional.
England will feel stronger for having to answer a few questions and Tim Bresnan, who does not much look like a lucky mascot, which tend to be cuddlier and fluffier, now has 12 Test wins in 12.