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v. cud·dled, cud·dling, cud·dles
To hold fondly in the arms; hug tenderly. See Synonyms at caress.
To nestle; snuggle: The children cuddled together on the couch.
The act of cuddling; a hug or embrace.

[Origin unknown.]

cud′dle·some, cud′dly adj.


(ˈkʌd li)

adj. -dli•er, -dli•est.
suitable for or inviting cuddling.
Sometimes, cud′dle•some (-l səm)
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Adj.1.cuddly - inviting cuddling or hugging; "a cuddlesome baby"; "a cuddly teddybear"
lovable, loveable - having characteristics that attract love or affection; "a mischievous but lovable child"


adjective soft, plump, buxom, curvaceous, huggable, cuddlesome, warm a small, plump, cuddly woman
insanın içine sokası gelenşirin


[ˈkʌdlɪ] ADJ (cuddlier (compar) (cuddliest (superl))) [person] → rico, tierno; [animal] → cariñoso; [toy] → de peluche


[ˈkʌdəli] adj
[soft toy, teddy] → doux(douce) cuddly toy
He's very cuddly → On a envie de le câliner.cuddly toy npeluche f


adj (+er) (= wanting a cuddle)verschmust (inf), → anschmiegsam; (= good to cuddle) toy, dollzum Liebhaben, knuddelig (inf); personknuddelig (inf); to be in a cuddly moodin einer verschmusten Laune or in Schmuselaune sein


[ˈkʌdlɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (child, animal) → coccolone/a; (toy) → morbido/a, da tenere stretto/a


(ˈkadl) verb
to hug affectionately. The mother cuddled the child until he fell asleep.
an affectionate hug.
ˈcuddly adjective
a cuddly teddy-bear.
References in classic literature ?
At seven months, Billy was the most adorable, smiling, cuddly baby imaginable, with dimples, four teeth and a tantalizing hint of curl in his soft, surprisingly thick, fawn-colored hair.
LAUGHING while sitting with her cuddly toy dog, Princess Charlotte looks pretty in pink in pictures released to mark her six month milestone.
A PLEA has been made to reunite a cuddly toy cat with its owner.
Regan Hardy, six, pupil, from Gateshead, said: "I want a Spiderman teddy because I think they're nice and cuddly.
Rehoming him didn't work out but he is cuddly and loves affection NIKKI HOLROYD CARER AT THE DOGS TRUST
In this case the little people in question are children, and the injustice stems from the legendary 'claw' machines at fairgrounds and amusement arcades, the ones where a mechanical claw descends into an ample pile of cuddly toys and grabs one for the happy player.
From the scores of cuddly toys she's been through over the years, one remains a constant companion - a panda called Panda.
By referring to her as cuddly it gives the wrong image to other people struggling with obesity.
A BAG of cuddly toy orangutans and a lifesize model of Charles Darwin helped get the message of evolution across to a class of young students.
Fluffy and cuddly bunnies join designer collections for christenings and Easter outfits.
PUNTERS who took the advice of Pricewise and backed Cuddly Kate at 16-1 to land Monmore's SIS/500 sweepstake competition will be on good terms with themselves as she is as short as 15-8 for today's PS500 final at 5.
And the little girl is panda crazy - with a dozen cuddly toys and a collection of backpacks, hats and clothes.