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    (kwė`råst´ or kwē´răst)
a.1.Wearing a cuirass.
2.(Zool) Having a covering of bony plates, resembling a cuirass; - said of certain fishes.
References in classic literature ?
At the sight of this line of cuirassed backs, undulating as they rose through the gloom, one would have pronounced it a serpent with steel scales, which was raising itself erect in front of the church.
Toward the end of 2011 he bought in Paris a rare, 21cmhigh Gallo-Roman gilded bronze figure of the god Mercury--it was thought to have been underbid by the Louvre--along with a half dozen works, from Roman earrings to a substantial marble cuirassed torso, at the New York sales.
Domitianus does however follow the hirsute fashion of the time and the cuirassed bust was similar to those used on issues of the second of the two mints attributed to Victorinus and Tetricus.