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A horse soldier in European armies whose equipment included the cuirass.

[French, from cuirasse, cuirass, from Old French, curasse; see cuirass.]


(Military) a mounted soldier, esp of the 16th century, who wore a cuirass


(ˌkwɪər əˈsɪər)

a cavalry soldier wearing a cuirass.
[1545–55; < French; see cuirass, -ier2]
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Noun1.cuirassier - a cavalryman equipped with a cuirasscuirassier - a cavalryman equipped with a cuirass
cavalryman, trooper - a soldier mounted on horseback; "a cavalryman always takes good care of his mount"


nKürassier m
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An officer of the Cuirassier Life Guards, a handsome prince who everyone predicted would become aide-de-camp to the Emperor Nicholas I and have a brilliant career, left the service, broke off his engagement to a beautiful maid of honour, a favourite of the Empress's, gave his small estate to his sister, and retired to a monastery to become a monk.
This was the name given the cuirassiers, whom Cromwell had made his body-guard.
Nor wanted clouds of foot, nor, on each horn, Cuirassiers all in steel for standing fight, Chariots, or elephants indorsed with towers Of archers; nor of labouring pioners A multitude, with spades and axes armed, To lay hills plain, fell woods, or valleys fill, Or where plain was raise hill, or overlay With bridges rivers proud, as with a yoke: Mules after these, camels and dromedaries, And waggons fraught with utensils of war.
you are forgetting Poniatowski's Red Lancers, the Cuirassiers, the Dragoons, and the whole boiling.
Despite its circumscribed capacity, the carabine Mle 1890 was a hit, spawning other similar carbines and musketoons including the gendarme Mle 1890 and Mle 1892, artillerie Mle 1892 and the unique carabine de cuirassier M1e 1890, which featured a butt-stock with flattened comb so that it could be better shouldered by troops wearing breastplates.
Shot 188 frames the scene in a long shot from behind the head of a cuirassier whose helmet reflects the room but hides the cat from sight, so that all we see is Andreotti standing in the middle as if paralyzed.
1890--the Mle 1890 Cavalry carbine, the Mle 1890 Gendarmerie Carbine and the most unusual Mle 1890 Cuirassier Carbine.
By 1700, armor was largely out of use, but a specialist class of heavy cavalry, the cuirassier, continued to wear torso armor and a helmet.
The Jay" with its "Blue cuirassier and summer's lost vidette" (37, l.
They bore titles like Lieutenant Belozor (1831), A Terrible Divination (1831), The Cuirassier (1832), The Frigate "Hope," (1833), and Nikitin the Sailor (1834), and they were told in a melodramatic style known as "Marlinism," in which striking rhetorical flourishes, passionate hyperbole and metaphor, were combined with an aggressive Byronic wit that bordered on self-aggrandizement.
Cromwell holds a baton of authority and wears a full suit of black plate cuirassier armor of a style normally associated with the early sixteenth century.
Here: Property cuirassier barracks in Viereck, 365 days a year, in 2 x 12 hour shift service, 24 hours a day.