cul de sac

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Noun1.cul de sac - a passage with access only at one endcul de sac - a passage with access only at one end
passage - a way through or along which someone or something may pass
2.cul de sac - a street with only one way in or outcul de sac - a street with only one way in or out
thoroughfare - a public road from one place to another
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If I had known it was a cul de sac -- however, there isn't any excusing a blunder like that, let it go.
Instead of going to the right places--banks, police stations, rendezvous-- he systematically went to the wrong places; knocked at every empty house, turned down every cul de sac, went up every lane blocked with rubbish, went round every crescent that led him uselessly out of the way.
Sealed Electronic Bid: Median, retention pond and cul de sac mowing and landscape maintenance services central and eastern port st.
Wilson Tana, the city's chief arson investigator, said the angle was being considered after Lydia Escare, the owner of the house in Cul de Sac Compound on Cul de Sac Road, Barangay Sun Valley, Paranaque City, told investigators she smelled what seemed like burning wire in her bedroom minutes before the fire broke out.
The five bedroom properties are on offer at The Green, a cul de sac built by Romford Homes in Redhill Road, close to Bournville Cricket Club.
The government of St Lucia said it has received confirmation that the Hess Terminal at Cul de Sac has been sold, reports Caribbean News Now (Oct.
The property sits conveniently on a quiet cul de sac close to schools, public transport links and shopping facilities.
PUSSIES IN PERIL Cul de sac where cats have been killed HEARTACHE Shirley Wilson and picture of victim Fudge
This three-bedroom detached property is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, and has two reception rooms in a quiet cul de sac setting.
But luckily enough for us, one of Glasgow's best French restaurant's Cul De Sac is serving up the flavours of France and more.
Entrance from the cul de sac street is over a bridge (which replaces a large concrete forecourt) which is partly roofed to make a covered car port.
00 meters between 12 m to 30m corridor width and cul de sac.