culture hero

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cul′ture he`ro

1. a mythical or mythicized historical figure who embodies the aspirations or ideals of a society.
2. a mythical figure considered by a people to have founded its fundamental institutions or provided the basis for its subsistence.
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Belian Danyam, literally, "The Young Shaman," is a culture hero of the Lebbo' people of the Lesan River area of East Kalimantan.
Contributors of these essays start with unpacking the story of Moses in the bulrushes and progressing to stories of trial and quest (for example, Jason and the theft of the golden fleece), myth and monstrosity (Perseus and Medusa), the culture hero (Gesar of Ling), and heroes on a journey (Harry Potter).
But on still another hand--apologies for this echo of Tevye--Sholern Aleichem, both the man and "the figure Sholem Rabinovich fashioned by will, effort and imagination," needed no Broadway Tevye to solidify his standing as "a culture hero.
The story of a culture hero Goleiangaianga / Onka provides background information of who had spoken Wogeo custom into existence and secured the rising of pigs and production of food.
While Stewart and Ohtake's (1999) conception is culture-specific (Chinese in this case), culture hero in the present study is understood in a more general sense--an iconic figure of whatever nationality who has been included in the textbook.
To the Montagnias, Tcikapis is a culture hero who has a great concern for mankind (Fisher 1946:230).
Ho observes that African American teenagers have been attracted to Asian martial arts since the appearance of Bruce Lee, an Asian culture hero, in 1973.
An Iroquoian culture hero, he converted to the cause of Deganawida, another culture hero who had taken on as his mission no less than the cessation of feuding among Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, and others.
Wenger describes how Jews tried literally to "sculpt" a Jewish-American culture hero in Haym Salomon, the financier who probably helped raise money for George Washington.
The Blondie singer said: "Logically speaking, I should probably choose the New York Fire Department or Mayor Rudi Giuliani but I think I would rather stick with a culture hero.
Russell sees Henry as a "more interesting if also far more perplexing figure than the uncomplicated culture hero of the mythmakers" (3).