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1. Difficult to handle because of weight or bulk: tried to lug the cumbersome luggage up the stairs.
2. Difficult to use or deal with: cumbersome instructions; a cumbersome name; a cumbersome registration process.

cum′ber·some·ly adv.


adv move, writeschwerfällig; phrased alsoumständlich; dressedhinderlich
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Embargoed against US newswires, the cumbersomely announced title, Galaxy Digital, First Coin and Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Announce Business Combination and Establishment of Blockchain, Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Platform, hit the web on 9 January 2018, timestamped at 08:10 EST.
The strength of some phrases in Czech are lost when they are cumbersomely translated into English; for instance, the English translation from one narrator states, "People shouting 'Havel for President,' you know, we all went crazy" when in fact the people were shouting, "Havel na hrad
The very simple illustration conjures up a new tomorrow in which bigger drones would be tasked with what vans are more slowly and cumbersomely doing now, delivering packages people have ordered online or via phone, no human driver and assistants involved!
Originally rather cumbersomely entitled The Robert William and Florence Amy Brant International Pianoforte Competition (and heaven help any scribe who failed to record the full monty), the event was launched in 1979 by a remarkable and formidable lady, Gladys Lily Brant.
This small person in the heavy dress had to be hoisted into the cumbersomely ornate gilt state coach, on which painted nymphs and cherubs frolicked across the roof and peeped in the windows.
12 (the first text in the chrestomathy) being vocalized rather cumbersomely as [marhaqta/u-mv qalatu/qaltu/qiltu] (p.
Enterprises can maintain cloud operations either comfortably or cumbersomely based on how well the domains are defined and how best the policies, procedures and guidelines are created and practised, points out Senthil Kumar M, CISO, Rane Holdings.
When we came across a truck wheel embedded under a cumbersomely spiny plant, both of which had to be dug out with a shovel, Cameron admitted, "It's a lot of work just for some fucking tomatoes.
Previously they were both part of the multi-legged and cumbersomely named Tim and Sam's the Tim and Sam Band with Tim and Sam.
22) At the same time, part of the purpose of Vasari's cumbersomely autobiographical narrative of this late moment in Michelangelo's career was his attempt to lure him to abandon the purgatory of the Fabbrica, for what Vasari presented as a paradisiacal situation awaiting him in Duke Cosimo's Florence.
The result is an impressively, and at times cumbersomely, thorough survey of the Latin America that has risen from the ashes of neoliberalism.
By the time the harvesters turn cumbersomely into a roadside field, to go and harvest stuff, I imagine, I'm seriously behind time and concerned, as ever, that the hectic pace set by the British racing calendar will have left me lagging.