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1. A Latin-American dance originating among African slave populations on Colombia's Caribbean coast and characterized by short sliding steps.
2. The music for this dance.

[Colombian and Panamanian Spanish; akin to Cuban Spanish cumbé, an Afro-Caribbean dance; see bachata.]


(Music, other) a rhythmic style of music originating in Colombia
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La troupe Cumbia Ya, qui s'est produite, dimanche dernier, a Constantine, lors de la 3e soiree du festival Dimajazz, a [beaucoup moins que] allume [beaucoup plus grand que] l'ambiance dans la salle Ahmed-Bey avec des sonorites latinos et des rythmes de salsa.
The Colombia-born Uribe leads the high energy 16-piece band that blends Colombian rhythms cumbia and chande with funk and powerful jazz technique.
Onda's music is a wonderful mix of originals, traditional Latin standards and rhythms blended with funk, salsa, R+B, Latin jazz, cumbia, boogaloo, boleros, reggae and modern jam arrangements.
The results show their resilience and adaptability with the trademark brass given an electro flourish on Cumbia De Donde.
Hector Fernandez l'Hoeste and Pablo Vila have assembled a collection of thoughtful essays and presented them in a logical sequence reflecting the outward migration of cumbia from its origins.
Vega's hometown, the port city of Barranquilla, erupted in traditional cumbia music and dance as Colombian media descended on the city Monday in search of relatives and friends of Vega.
Born in Cumbia in 1961, Mrs Fairhad, 53, was educated at Yarm Grammar School - now Conyers School - on Green Lane in Yarm.
You, the golden, red and blue land "La Sonora Dinamita" would always be ongoing With Cumbia dance, And with the intertwined sound of steely chains, That brought to the slaves; The message of freedom.
Contract awarded for Service chilean rock show, new chilean cumbia, estate and night show queen coronation week unionina 2014.
th] of October, Peru's legendary music band Cumbia All Stars took WOMEX by storm after performing at the Wales Millennium Centre.
Los Chinches are one of the most exciting and cutting edge acts to emerge from the UK Latin scene, a combination of Peruvian percussionists and London-bred guitar and keyboard players creating an epic new sound that harnesses the psychedelic twists of Peruvian Cumbia and the urban Ska spirit of London.
Kombo Kolombia was known to play a style of Colombian music called vallenato, which is related to the imported cumbia genre that is widely popular in Monterrey and now considered a staple of the region's culture.