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The like happened at Cume, during the time of the democracy, which Thrasymachus destroyed; and whoever considers what has happened in other states may perceive the same revolutions to have arisen from the same causes.
The film's global IMAX theatres cume reached $40 million in only 12 days, beating the previous 14-day record pace set by Marvel's Iron Man 3.
The film exceeded the weekend estimates with its 6-day final cume, and easily surpassed the previous opening record of US$382 million set by "Spider-Man 3" just a few weeks ago.
The only question now remaining is whether this cume should be added on a daily (as the ad agencies prefer) or weekly basis (as the TV networks favor).
In each instance, our cume spiked in the quarter hour immediately after the text message was sent.
5 FM, Southern California's original hip-hop and R&B radio station, and the first radio station of Meruelo Media, the Southland's leading minority-owned media group, announced impressive Nielsen Audio PPM results, 11 consecutive months of total audience cume above one million listeners weekly with growth in prime Millennial demo in Adults 18-34 and a leader as the choice of music for the most culturally diverse listenership.
But our audience numbers didn't grow as quickly as the population did, so our cume rating dropped.
Subscribers receive Average Quarter-Hour and Cume audience estimates for 38 demographics and 15 standard broadcast dayparts.
July Marks Eight (8) Consecutive Months of Over 1 Million Weekly Cume Listeners for Southern California's Legendary Radio Station KDAY 93.
Southern California's Legendary Radio Station KDAY hits new ratings and cume levels, as it grows stronger in Nielsen's Quarterly Ratings Confirming its Unique Appeal
While the daily cume (the total number of different listeners) for the other two stations remained flat, it appears that people who previously listened to only one of the stations are now listening to two or all three holiday music stations.
7 million from only 25 markets, its worldwide cume is $194.