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A broad sash, especially one that is pleated lengthwise and worn as an article of formal dress, as with a dinner jacket.

[Hindi kamarband, from Persian : kamar, waist + band, band; see bund1.]


(ˈkʌməˌbʌnd) or


(Clothing & Fashion) a wide sash, worn with a dinner jacket
[C17: from Hindi kamarband, from Persian, from kamar loins, waist + band band]


(ˈkʌm ərˌbʌnd)

a wide sash worn at the waist, esp. a horizontally pleated one worn with a tuxedo.
[1610–20; < Hindi kamarband loin-band < Persian]
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Noun1.cummerbund - a broad pleated sash worn as formal dress with a tuxedo
cincture, waistband, waistcloth, girdle, sash - a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers


[ˈkʌməbʌnd] Nfaja f


nKummerbund m


[ˈkʌməˌbʌnd] nfascia dello smoking
References in classic literature ?
Major Putnam had managed to slip inside and plunge into a proper shirt and trousers, with a crimson cummerbund, and a light square jacket over all; thus normally set off, his red festive face seemed bursting with a commonplace cordiality.
The first was an enormous Sikh, with a black beard which swept nearly down to his cummerbund.
Tenders are invited for twenty three (23) nij ballistic 06 threat level 3 or greater soft body armor vests and cummerbunds.
Chic cummerbunds accentuated the figure over the heavier drapes, ensuring a younger sensibility to the styles.
a plump of cummerbunds a wedge of polystyrene an ostentation of aerosols
Revelers wearing traditional white outfits trimmed with red neckerchiefs and cummerbunds gathered for the noontime launching of a firework rocket, which signals the beginning of the nine-day festival.
Rao and other models were seen wearing intricately carved necklaces, armlets, and chains of uncut diamonds on corded strands, some startling cummerbunds and chunky gold bracelets.
They even supply boys' tuxedos, suits, ties, bowties and cummerbunds.
Skateboarder magazine cummerbunds, and SS La Jolla rarities are attracting attention from around the globe.
There was a craze for cummerbunds and even elder members of the baraat, or groom's procession, were seen tying the silk clothes around their waist.
Bow ties, cummerbunds, pocket squares and plenty of styles.
It is also used to make cummerbunds, braces, waistcoats and capes.