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1. Marked by or given to artful subtlety and deceptiveness.
2. Executed with or exhibiting ingenuity.
3. Delicately pleasing; pretty or cute: a cunning pet.
1. Skill in deception; guile.
2. Skill or adeptness in execution or performance; dexterity.

[Middle English, present participle of connen, to know, from Old English cunnan; see gnō- in Indo-European roots.]

cun′ning·ly adv.
cun′ning·ness n.
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A corn factor, a horse jockey, an estate agent, and a jackdaw for cunningness, say I
Instead, with dexterous cunningness it has overshadowed its fundamental import to this relationship, and projected terrorism instead to be the core issue between the two countries.
My experience suggests that when a woman rekindles an awareness of the quality of metis, when she reconnects with her own powers and her cunningness, she must first bear the full brunt of her traumas, the full impact of her disembodied life.
The minister has presented the committee with false, incorrect and wrong information which reflects cunningness, deceit and manipulation," he said.
But with cunningness they have scuttled even the one Musharraf had introduced on the obscene plea that it was a dictator\'s work.
It may be noted that the dice game of life and death is compared with dice gambling, portrayed as a "pastime" and that a warning is made for the deceit, mischief and cunningness that such gambling may involve.
Owing to the regime's cunningness, the revolution was transformed into a quasi-civil war.