adj.1.shaped like a cup.
References in classic literature ?
The ears, which were slightly above the eyes and closer together, were small, cup-shaped antennae, protruding not more than an inch on these young specimens.
The other had increased much in size; and towards its posterior end, a clear space was formed in the parenchymatous mass, in which a rudimentary cup-shaped mouth could clearly be distinguished; on the under surface, however, no corresponding slit was yet open.
Large clusters of 2- to 3-inch cup-shaped blossoms with slight fragrance cloak the canes during peak bloom in late spring, followed by sporadic flowers into summer.
Braun Oral-B cup-shaped brush head, which encompasses the whole tooth,
The mixer consists of a crown-shaped rotor surrounded by a pair of cup-shaped stators.
Additionally, the article consists of a cup-shaped part at one end portion arid a ridge-like elevation at the other end portion, which is characterized by the article with elastic.
Most birds that nest in trees build cup-shaped nests that sit on top of branches.
This shrub has cup-shaped flowers in a choice of crimson, pink, scarlet, orange and white.
The non-hermetic version is sealed with cup-shaped ceramic or liquid crystal polymer lids with B-stage epoxy preforms.
Clusters of cup-shaped, dark red flowers with yellow anthers in spring are followed by green edible fruits ripening to yellow.
Sphinx is a yellow cup-shaped classic rose with thin delicate petals (pictured above, left).
The best-selling English rose, it produces wonderful cup-shaped butter-yellow blooms and smells of teabags.