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n. pl. cup·fuls
1. The amount that a cup can hold.
2. A measure of capacity equal to one cup.


(Units) the amount of a liquid or solid that can be contained in a cup


(ˈkʌp fʊl)

n., pl. -fuls.
1. the amount a cup can hold.
2. a volumetric measure equal to one cup.
usage: See -ful.
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Noun1.cupful - the quantity a cup will hold; "he drank a cup of coffee"; "he borrowed a cup of sugar"
containerful - the quantity that a container will hold
مِلء فِنْجان
plný šálek
fincan dolusu


[ˈkʌpfʊl] Ntaza f
two cupfuls of milkdos tazas de leche


[ˈkʌpfʊl] ntasse f


[ˈkʌpfʊl] ntazza (contenuto)


(kap) noun
1. a usually round hollow container to hold liquid for drinking, often with a handle. a teacup; a cup of tea.
2. an ornamental vessel, usually of silver or other metal, given as a prize in sports events etc. They won the Football League Cup.
verbpast tense, past participle cupped
1. to form (one's hands) into the shape of a cup. He cupped his hands round his mouth and called.
2. to hold (something) in one's cupped hands. He cupped the egg in his hands.
ˈcupful noun
three cupfuls of water.
cupboard (ˈkabəd) noun
(American ˈcloset) a cabinet of any size up to that of a small room for storing anything. Put the food in the cupboard; a broom cupboard.
cup final
the final match in a football competition in which the prize is a cup.
ˈcup-tie noun
one of a series of games in a football competition in which the prize is a cup.
one's cup of tea
the sort of thing one likes or prefers. Classical music is not my cup of tea.
References in classic literature ?
Before the hunt, by old custom, the count had drunk a silver cupful of mulled brandy, taken a snack, and washed it down with half a bottle of his favorite Bordeaux.
Then he loosened Tippet's shirt at the throat and when the water was brought, threw a cupful in the man's face.
I declare, Diana, there isn't more than a cupful in the kettle
Recklessly she took a mouthful of the cold tea that had been steeped so long that it was like acid in her mouth, and recklessly, under the eye of her sister-in-law, she swallowed it and the rest of the cupful.
When one has drunk two good cupfuls of Elder-flower tea, 'tis likely enough one goes into warm climates"; and she tucked him up nicely, least he should take cold.
After the wood was cut and split, taking every small piece the size of a finger for kindling, the brush was piled on the stumps and burned so all that remained was a cupful of ashes.
In the week that hotel and restaurant tycoon Charles Forte died, Paul Rowland visited a distant part of the family business empire - an ice cream parlour in Barry Island IN THIS day and age, it's refreshing to see a cafe advertising Horlick's by the cupful.
Students at an Edinburgh college can now feast on chips from a new American vending machine which serves up a cupful of hot fries in 45 seconds.
Mix half a cupful of flowers with other salad ingredients.
Try splashing a little cider on to your body before soaking in a warm bath containing a cupful of cider vinegar which is a good tonic and detoxifier.
The best tomatoes are grown when the individual holes are dug about twelve inches deep and a shovelful of manure or compost and a cupful of 12-12-12 added.
A cupful in the bath is great for your skin - you can either soak in the oats or use them as you would a body scrub.