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Adj.1.cuplike - resembling the shape of a cup
concave - curving inward
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Suddenly we looked down into a cuplike depression, patched with stunted oaks and firs which had been twisted and bent by the fury of years of storm.
The yellow men were armed with two swords, and a short javelin was slung across the back of each, while from their left arms hung cuplike shields no larger than a dinner plate, the concave sides of which turned outward toward an antagonist.
Under severe attack, the infected plants sometimes develop leaf enations (oval or cuplike foliar worth) on the underside of the leaf and plants become stunted and significant reduction in yield occurs (Ahmed et al.
As addressed above, the tumor is usually positive for CAIX in a cuplike fashion.
The reproduction rested upside down on the travertine sheet, its cuplike recess filled with water so that the distorted features in relief shimmered.
The cushy, cuplike body is supported by ebonized ash or mahogany legs.
Introduced in 1921, the Hush-a-Phone was a small cuplike device fitted over a telephone receiver to make conversations more private by preventing people nearby from hearing the speaker.
A team of three sculpt the petals from flat into a cuplike structure, which seems straightforward enough until you try it.