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 (kyo͝or′ə-sō′, -sou′, ko͝or′-) also cu·ra·çoa (-sō′ə)
A liqueur flavored with the peel of the sour orange.

[After Curaçao.]


 (ko͝or′ə-sou′, kyo͝or′-, ko͝or′ə-sou′, kyo͝or′-)
An island territory of the Netherlands in the southern Caribbean Sea off the northwest coast of Venezuela. Originally inhabited by the Arawak, it was settled by the Spanish in 1527. The Dutch gained control in 1634, although the British held the island during the Napoleonic Wars (1807-1815). Oil refining and tourism are the major industries.
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Noun1.curacoa - flavored with sour orange peel
orange liqueur - liqueur flavored with orange
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And after that, comes Mrs Veneering, in a pervadingly aquiline state of figure, and with transparent little knobs on her temper, like the little transparent knob on the bridge of her nose, 'Worn out by worry and excitement,' as she tells her dear Mr Twemlow, and reluctantly revived with curacoa by the Analytical.
The Queen Mary was also involved in the accidental sinking of HMS Curacoa in 1942 when 338 sailors went to their deaths.
95) The eleven Brisbane 12th Regiment personnel would wait in Sydney until 22 September when they too departed for New Zealand as part of the large contingent of reinforcements totalling fourteen officers and 274 other ranks of the 12th Regiment who departed aboard HMS Curacoa.