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n. pl. cu·ran·de·ros
A man who practices folk medicine; an herb doctor.

[American Spanish, from Spanish curar, to cure, from Latin cūrāre, to cure, take care of, from cūra, care; see cure.]


(Alternative Belief Systems) a male healer or shaman in Hispanic-America
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Noun1.curandero - a Mexican man who practices healing techniques inherited from the Mayans
healer, therapist - a person skilled in a particular type of therapy
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Only 5% of the parents stated they had used or would consider using a curandero (traditional healer), or religious practices associated with syncretic religions like Santeria and espiritismo.
Tens of thousands of Hispanic Catholics from south Texas and Mexico conduct annual pilgrimages here to venerate their curandero folk saint, El Nino Fidencio.
The pueblo loves its curandero, so what do we gain out of making enemies?
Depending on the curandero or curandera, a treatment may combine a limpia with another simple ritual or assignment, all intended to bring balance and harmony to the person.
Recent additions include the Curandero Trail, featuring medicinal plants, and a humming-bird-butterfly garden.
This finding is supported by Spector (13), who noted in her comparison of native and allopathic care providers that the curandero maintains informal, friendly relationships with clients and their families.
The book also introduces readers to some emerging vocabulary intrinsic to this religious experience, such as nepantla, flor y canto, altares, rasquachismo, curandero, limpia.
Chavarria's conviction was the second this year of a high-profile curandero whose patients found the healer on a radio show hosted by disc jockey ``El Cucuy'' (The Boogeyman).
This ecology of personhood includes, for instance, the "gaunt gal with broken held-together-vertebrae," "a being lay back on her back, jaguar spine," and the "I" isolated/connected by hyphens: "dreaming alone person alone, curandero wasn't singing your vision in / Pleiades wasn't singing it in I--I--I / sending it in aye-aye-aye.
His operations are made complicated by his 2006 Curandero del amor.
Curandero fue recluido en penal tras confesar que causo muerte de turista [Curandero was held in prison after confessing that he had caused the death of a tourist].
Again the focus is not simply on what this individual carried with him to the grave, items which included snuffing paraphernalia, but the "rough manner in which he was interred", coupled with biochemical data that indicates he spent parts of his life in another geological region--collectively evidence that supports the suggestion that this man was different, perhaps a Curandero or spiritual healer.