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cu·rate 1

1. A cleric, especially one who has charge of a parish.
2. A cleric who assists a rector or vicar.

[Middle English curat, from Medieval Latin cūrātus, from Late Latin cūra, spiritual charge, from Latin, care; see cure.]

cu·rate 2

1. To organize and oversee (an art exhibit or film festival, for example).
2. To gather and present to the public: a blog that curates news stories.

[Back-formation from curator.]

cu·ra′tion (kyo͝or-ā′shən) n.
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Additional features such as user-generated content curation and AI image recognition for smart content management are also available for MavSocial users, enabling them to build a strong and engaging social presence.
These photos are curated by the machine learning AI called Ava with a little help from human curation.
2011), CTD's database architecture comprises a curation database (containing manually curated data from the primary literature), a Third Party database (containing data extracted from external sources), and a Public Web Application (PWA) database (the basis for CTD's public web site).
The theme of the 13th International Digital Curation Conference is Beyond FAIR--From Principles to Practice to Global Join Up.
However, with so much choice, even Apple's own curation on the revamped App Store makes it hard to have a short list of best" apps, which is why we want to step in.
FactBio develops semantic software for data management and curation for the life sciences.
All of the links and rule-checking information is curated by Wolters Kluwer's team of attorney editors and analysts, ensuring accuracy and expert curation.
Bluebee, a Netherlands based provider of high-performance genomics analysis and storage solutions, has signed a strategic partnership with MediSapiens, a Finland-based biomedical big data curation, management and interpretation company.
Genomics analysis company Bluebee disclosed on Tuesday the launch of strategic partnership with MediSapiens, a biomedical big data curation, management and interpretation company, to provide customers with tailored end-to-end analytical solutions for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis and interpretation in healthcare and research.
Effective curation, repository building, and user training are in demand, but the data scientist role opens broader horizons.
Documenting Performance: The Context and Processes of Digital Curation and Archiving