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a. A drug or course of medical treatment used to restore health: discovered a new cure for ulcers.
b. Restoration of health; recovery from disease: the likelihood of cure.
c. Something that corrects or relieves a harmful or disturbing situation: The cats proved to be a good cure for our mouse problem.
2. Ecclesiastical Spiritual charge or care, as of a priest for a congregation.
3. The office or duties of a curate.
4. The act or process of preserving a product.
v. cured, cur·ing, cures
a. To cause to be free of a disease or unhealthy condition: medicine that cured the patient of gout.
b. To cause to be free of, to lose interest in, or to stop doing something: a remark that cured me of the illusion that I might be a good singer; a bad reaction that cured him of the desire to smoke cigars; a visit to the dentist that cured her of eating sweets.
2. To eliminate (a disease, for example) from the body by medical or other treatment; cause recovery from: new antibiotics to cure infections.
3. To remove or remedy (something harmful or disturbing): cure a social evil.
4. To preserve (meat, for example), as by salting, smoking, or aging.
5. To prepare, preserve, or finish (a substance) by a chemical or physical process.
6. To vulcanize (rubber).
1. To effect a cure or recovery: a drug that cures without side effects.
2. To be prepared, preserved, or finished by a chemical or physical process: hams curing in the smokehouse.

[Middle English, from Old French, medical treatment, from Latin cūra, from Archaic Latin coisa-.]

cure′less adj.
cur′er n.


 (kyo͝o-rā′, kyo͝or′ā′)
A parish priest, especially in a French-speaking community.

[French, from Old French, from Medieval Latin cūrātus; see curate1.]
References in classic literature ?
The bodily physician, perhaps, misunderstood the curer of souls; and before they came to an explanation, Mr Blifil came to them with a most melancholy countenance, and acquainted them that he brought sad news, that his mother was dead at Salisbury; that she had been seized on the road home with the gout in her head and stomach, which had carried her off in a few hours.
There is not only the herd, but the shearer and brander, and then the dresser, the curer, the dyer, the fuller, the webster, the merchant, and a score of others.
But there all is false and foul, above all the blood--thanks to old evil diseases and worse curers.
The locals were treated to many a vision such as artist and musician Robert Miller nipping to the pub at 11am for a curer wearing a black and white Paisley-patterned onesie, slippers and a trilby.
Face a cette situation l'experte s'inquiete "Y a-t-il plus aberrant que de constater ce genre de debordement : en plein ete, en situation de crise hydrique tres grave, les institutions responsables de gestion de ces ouvrages et du systeme hydrologique dans sa globalite, ne trouvent pas le temps ni les moyens pour curer et entretenir les oueds, pour pouvoir transferer l'eau necessaire en considerant les debits pouvant etre vehicules par les oueds ".
But if there's a medication that's extraordinarily valuable, saves the health care system money, saves lives, reduces suffering, and helps patients live longer and contribute more, we should encourage insurers to cover these treatments instead of condemning the curer based on a singular focus on a drug's list price.
beaucoup moins que] Je veux que l'establishment corrompu de Washington entende les mots suivants : quand nous l'emporterons le 8 novembre, nous allons curer le marigot [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il lance.
Note: I'm not trying to present the full scientific theory of each curer.
Malgre que les medicaments pharmaceutiques soient la forme la plus commune pour la curer, ils portent plusieurs effets negatifs a court terme et a longue duree (Sacks, Kohl, Messeloff, & Schwartz, 1972 ; Goetz, Vogel, Tanner & Stebbins, 1998).
After his time in the institution he held a number of menial jobs, working on the land, then as a fish curer before entering the mines both locally and in Wales.
The trademark name is Alex Ames, Packer & Curer, Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Les personnes decedees faisaient partie d'une equipe de 7 individus qui etaient en train de curer un puits ferme a l'air libre et faire l'entretien d'une fosse septique qui en etait proche .