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 (ko͝or′ē-ə, kyo͝or′-)
n. pl. cu·ri·ae (ko͝or′ē-ē′, kyo͝or′-)
a. One of the ten primitive subdivisions of a tribe in early Rome, consisting of ten gentes.
b. The assembly place of such a subdivision.
a. The Roman senate or any of the various buildings in which it met in republican Rome.
b. The place of assembly of high councils in various Italian cities under Roman administration.
3. The ensemble of central administrative and governmental services in imperial Rome.
4. often Curia Roman Catholic Church The central administration governing the Church.
a. A medieval assembly or council.
b. A medieval royal court of justice.

[Latin cūria, council, curia; see wī-ro- in Indo-European roots.]

cu′ri·al adj.
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A number of synod delegates reported that at synods in the past, curial cardinals would go around telling the bishops what topics could not be discussed.
What might appear first to be a book of parts serves to underline the existence of multiple visions and cultures cohabiting and competing with each other within curial Rome.
After the Church had tackled the problem of nepotism with Innocent XII's bull Romanum decet Pontificem of 1692, Pius X put order into the overlapping responsibilities of various curial departments with the reform of 1908, which "had applied, at least to some extent, the principle of separation of powers.
UK-based insurance provider, Prudential Plc (LSE: PRU), has announced that it has closed down a unit in Denver, Curial Capital, according to Bloomberg.
In 1998, he left his curial task to devote himself exclusively to the chairmanship of the tribunal.
Sarfraz said he was very impressed with the way these youngsters batted at such a curial time which was the need of the hour.
Then there came to the University of Tubingen, in response to my invitation, the Roman Curial Cardinal Augustin Bea, President of the new Roman Secretariat for Christian Unity, who in the Festival Hall expressed his appreciation for the ecumenical service of the Tubingen theological school and held a discussion with Catholic and Protestant professors.
In his first curial appointment, Pope Francis has selected Fr.
Mr Bakhtawari suggested that the next fiscal budget should take emergency measures to deal with the curial issue of load-shedding in the country.
It should be clear today that such complexity and diversity in church experience cannot be managed nor given life by curial departments in Rome.
curial far e n n Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is an admirer of the gifted French international but Ben Arfa's injury problems mean that the Anfield club won't take a chance on his fitness at this stage.
The Church will be heartened by the Conclave's choice, the Curial cardinals shaken - they won't welcome likely replacement.