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1. Eager to learn more: curious investigators; a trapdoor that made me curious.
2. Unduly inquisitive; prying: a curious neighbor always looking over the fence.
3. Arousing interest because of novelty or strangeness: a curious fact.
4. Archaic
a. Accomplished with skill or ingenuity.
b. Extremely careful; scrupulous or fastidious.

[Middle English, from Old French curios, from Latin cūriōsus, careful, inquisitive, from cūra, care; see cure.]

cu′ri·ous·ly adv.
cu′ri·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.curiousness - a state of active curiosity
curiosity, wonder - a state in which you want to learn more about something
nosiness, prying, snoopiness - offensive inquisitiveness
2.curiousness - the quality of being alien or not native; "the strangeness of a foreigner"
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
exoticism, exoticness, exotism - the quality of being exotic; "he loved the exoticism of Egypt"
alienage, alienism - the quality of being alien


1. Mental acquisitiveness:
Idiom: thirst for knowledge.
2. Undue interest in the affairs of others:
Informal: nosiness, snoopiness.


(= oddness)Merkwürdigkeit f, → Sonderbarkeit f
References in classic literature ?
Nor does it at all diminish the curiousness of this matter, that to many thousands of our rural boys and young men born along its line, the probationary life of the Grand Canal furnishes the sole transition between quietly reaping in a Christian corn-field, and recklessly ploughing the waters of the most barbaric seas.
cried Colin, and his eyes began to search the ivy with eager curiousness.
I am old enough to make ready to die, and a great curiousness have I about what will happen to me when I am dead.
He lay down in the snow, depositing the ptarmigan beside him, and with eyes peering through the needles of a low-growing spruce he watched the play of life before him--the waiting lynx and the waiting porcupine, each intent on life; and, such was the curiousness of the game, the way of life for one lay in the eating of the other, and the way of life for the other lay in being not eaten.
At the sound of his voice the woman peered at him with quick curiousness.
Brian sat on the ground in a slightly elevated hillside hide for many hours, entertained only by the curiousness of a snowshoe hare that nibbled on the soles of his hunting boots.
They emphasized curiousness and exoticism, combining Mongol symbolic figures such as the Tartar and Genghis Khan into an eclectic Asian imagery, which, intentionally or not, was spread across the United Sates through thousands of well-to-do whites (Takaki 247).