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An ill-tempered person, especially one who is habitually stubborn or grouchy.

[Possibly Scots cur-, intensive prefix (perhaps partly from Scottish Gaelic car, rather, somewhat (from car, a twist, a turn) and partly from Scottish Gaelic corr-, intensive prefix (from corr, protruding point, from Old Irish corr, snout)) + Scottish Gaelic mùigean, churl, gloomy fellow (from diminutive of mùig, gloom, gloomy appearance, snivelling nose, snot, from Old Irish muich, múich, gloom; akin to Old Irish múchaid, he smothers with smoke, and Welsh mwg, smoke).]

cur·mudg′eon·ly adj.
cur·mudg′eon·ry n.


a surly or miserly person
[C16: of unknown origin]
curˈmudgeonly adj


(kərˈmʌdʒ ən)

a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.
[1570–80; unexplained; perhaps cur- representing cur]
cur•mudg′eon•ly, adj.
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Noun1.curmudgeon - a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas


noun grump (informal), bear, grumbler, grouser, malcontent, grouch (informal), sourpuss (informal), churl, crosspatch (informal) a terrible old curmudgeon


(o.f.) [kɜːˈmʌdʒən] Ncascarrabias mf inv


[kərˈmʌdʒən] n (bad-tempered)grincheux/euse m/f; (mean)avare mf
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Forewarned of Sandy's legendary curmudgeonliness, I'll admit to a moment of trepidation when I bumped into him on the river.
but I'm not done yet, because a noticeable effect of ageing is the onset of curmudgeonliness or perhaps the increasing inability to suppress what was always there.
The epigram is utterly delightful, combining clueless-ness with get-off-my-lawn curmudgeonliness.
So far, The WeeKend seems to be playing it for laughs - not all that successfully, to be honest - but then it turns on a sixpence and the last act is all about Stephen's existential angst as we learn something of his lifelong depression, status anxiety and the motives for his pathological curmudgeonliness.
And while I have been moved many times in many directions by music, as a antidote to my curmudgeonliness, I am most grateful for the joyous and ebullient, even when it is a little cheesy.
But there is more to this book than idiosyncratic curmudgeonliness.
Slow loading PERHAPS it's just my curmudgeonliness but, when it's time (or after time) to get horses loaded into the starting stalls, there often appears to be a lack of urgency, with horses ambling around an unhelpfully long way behind the stalls.
But she grows in the role, showing more nuance in some lovely scenes with Norman, who is played with a humorous and very real balance of empathy, self-pity and no-bullshit curmudgeonliness by Goldsmith.