current electricity

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Noun1.current electricity - a flow of electric chargecurrent electricity - a flow of electric charge    
electricity - a physical phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electrons and protons
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Contract award: lot 1_travaux current electricity high / low current on the perimeter imon_marche single bidder for orders below or equal to an amount of 50 000 eur.
The current electricity shortage in the country has reached 2.
According to the study, a connected CSP system could provide 70-80% of current electricity demand, at no extra cost compared to gas-fired power plants, whose percentage is similar to what a standard energy production plant, such as a nuclear plant, can provide.
While LEDs are designed to run on low-voltage, direct current electricity of 12 to 24 volts, most residential and commercial establishments supply alternating current electricity with higher voltages of 120 to 277 volts.
Current electricity problems are caused by the failure of Blair and Brown to obtain cross-party support in Parliament for nuclear power in 2003 when it could have been obtained.
A aThe current electricity price for households is below its production value and the difference is subsidized by the business consumers,a said Valentin Kolev of the Bulgarian Energy Federation, part of one of Bulgaria's major trade unions.
As a result, power and distribution transformers are seen as key components in mitigating the effects of the current electricity crisis.
This price is around double the current electricity price in the UK.
The workshop discussed two questions: how to integrate the facilities of the renewable energies into the current electricity grids for the transmission and distribution?
Korea) provides a textbook for undergraduate students beginning the study of power electronics, supplementing textbooks with a more detailed treatment of pulsewidth modulated conversion of direct current to direct current electricity.
The report is based on a scenario where the current electricity policy is maintained.
At this rate, capital cost recovery is expected to take place in less that eight years at current electricity tariff rates.