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 (kûr′ənt, kŭr′-)
a. Belonging to the present time: current events; current leaders.
b. Being in progress now: current negotiations.
2. Passing from one to another; circulating: current bills and coins.
3. Prevalent, especially at the present time: current fashions. See Synonyms at prevailing.
4. Running; flowing.
1. A steady, smooth onward flow or movement: a current of air from a fan; a current of spoken words. See Synonyms at flow.
2. The part of a body of liquid or gas that has a continuous onward movement: rowed out into the river's swift current.
3. A general tendency, movement, or course. See Synonyms at tendency.
4. Symbol IElectricity
a. A flow of electric charge.
b. The amount of electric charge flowing past a specified circuit point per unit time.

[Middle English curraunt, from Old French corant, present participle of courre, to run, from Latin currere; see kers- in Indo-European roots.]

cur′rent·ly adv.
cur′rent·ness n.
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Noun1.currentness - the property of belonging to the present time; "the currency of a slang term"
nowness, presentness - the quality of being the present; "a study of the pastness of the present and...of the presentness of the past"- R.E.Spiller
contemporaneity, contemporaneousness, modernity, modernness, modernism - the quality of being current or of the present; "a shopping mall would instill a spirit of modernity into this village"
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Alere is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or currentness of the reports, and the presentation of these excerpts should not be read to imply adoption or endorsement by Alere of the reports or any views expressed therein.
Some chapters, however, cannot keep up with the currentness of the scientific discussion in pertinent journals.