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 (kûr′ē-ər, kŭr′-)
One that prepares tanned hides for use.

[Middle English curreiour, from Old French, from Latin coriārius, from corium, leather; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]


(Tanning) a person who curries leather
[C14: from Old French corier, from Latin coriārius a tanner, from corium leather]


(ˈkɜr i ər, ˈkʌr-)

1. a person who dresses tanned leather.
2. a person who curries horses.
[1350–1400; Middle English cur(r)iour,cor(r)iour < Anglo-French < Latin coriārius=cori(um) leather + -ārius -ary]


(ˈkɜr i ər, kʌr-)

Nathaniel, 1813–88, U.S. lithographer: with James Merritt Ives produced prints showing American life.
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Noun1.currier - United States lithographer who (with his partner James Ives) produced thousands of prints signed `Currier & Ives' (1813-1888)Currier - United States lithographer who (with his partner James Ives) produced thousands of prints signed `Currier & Ives' (1813-1888)
2.currier - a craftsman who curries leather for use
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
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Upon which a Currier stood up and said, "Sirs, I differ from you altogether: there is no material for resistance equal to a covering of hides; and nothing so good as leather.
Yet even if we add neatherds, shepherds, and other herdsmen, in order that our husbandmen may have oxen to plough with, and builders as well as husbandmen may have draught cattle, and curriers and weavers fleeces and hides,--still our State will not be very large.
Over the past 35 years, combining new technology, experienced dedicated personnel, and relationships built on trust, Currier Plastics, a custom plastics molder still holds true to the values we started with.
DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA -- HIV-infected women who remained on antiretroviral therapy throughout the postpartum period reduced their risk of clinical stage 2 or 3 HIV disease events by 53%, compared with those who stopped treatment postpartum in the PROMISE 1077HS trial, Judith Currier, MD, reported at the 21st International AIDS Conference.
In this book, authors Currier and Eimermann present readers with the fourth edition of their comprehensive introduction to the study of law through the development of critical thinking skills.
Currier is all too happy to provide individualized solutions for customers, even to the extent of exploring brand-new technologies to solve unique problems.
Those who may find lengthy symphonies by the likes of Bruckner and Mahler a trifle tiresome would love this work, called Microsymph, by American composer, Sebastian Currier.
For many, the mention of Currier & Ives conjures up images of horse-drawn sleighs, the holidays and rural winter scenes.
Under questioning, Keyes also admitted the abduction and murder of Bill and Lorraine Currier, who were found dead near their Vermont home in June 2011.
Authors Currier (Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, Elms College) and Eimermann (emeritus, political science, Illinois State U.
Roger "Skip" Currier and his wife Carol; his 4 daughters: Kris Currier and partner Jon Soderberg, Carolyn Currier, Susan Sztuba and her husband John, Sarah Currier and her husband John Caccamo, along with his four grandchildren: Michael and Matthew Currier, Acadia and Brunon Sztuba; his sister-in-law, Patricia Kramer; many nieces and nephews.