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 (kûr′ē-ər, kŭr′-)
One that prepares tanned hides for use.

[Middle English curreiour, from Old French, from Latin coriārius, from corium, leather; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]


(Tanning) a person who curries leather
[C14: from Old French corier, from Latin coriārius a tanner, from corium leather]


(ˈkɜr i ər, ˈkʌr-)

1. a person who dresses tanned leather.
2. a person who curries horses.
[1350–1400; Middle English cur(r)iour,cor(r)iour < Anglo-French < Latin coriārius=cori(um) leather + -ārius -ary]


(ˈkɜr i ər, kʌr-)

Nathaniel, 1813–88, U.S. lithographer: with James Merritt Ives produced prints showing American life.
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Noun1.currier - United States lithographer who (with his partner James Ives) produced thousands of prints signed `Currier & Ives' (1813-1888)Currier - United States lithographer who (with his partner James Ives) produced thousands of prints signed `Currier & Ives' (1813-1888)
2.currier - a craftsman who curries leather for use
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
References in classic literature ?
Yet even if we add neatherds, shepherds, and other herdsmen, in order that our husbandmen may have oxen to plough with, and builders as well as husbandmen may have draught cattle, and curriers and weavers fleeces and hides,--still our State will not be very large.
Upon which a Currier stood up and said, "Sirs, I differ from you altogether: there is no material for resistance equal to a covering of hides; and nothing so good as leather.
About five months into what has become a nearly three-year project, the Project X team presented their progress to Curriers management to get a formal go-ahead and a budget for prototypes and other development costs.
Suggestive of Monty Python, evocative of Scots novelist William Boyd ("A Good Man in Africa") and generally disdainful of modern stereotypes and patriarchal white-man-on-the dark-continent stories, Lavinia Curriers film has the kind of free-wheeling sensibility and contempt for conformity that could give it theatrical traction--even if, as regards just about anything in the specialty arena, the current climate seems particularly hostile.
71 per day to pounds 3 for taking my son to Curriers Close (an enterprise for adults with learning disabilities) by a social services minibus.
CURRIERS CLOSE: Ex-packers on pounds 3 a day reveal hidden talents SCRAPPING a pounds 3 allowance for people with learning difficulties doing packing work prompted a storm of complaints last December.
WE would like to bring attention, once again, to the situation of people with a learning disability who attend Curriers Enterprises, supported by Coventry City Council.
And they insist that's all down to Coventry City Council scrapping the pounds 3 daily allowance paid to those people doing packing and recycling work at places like Curriers Close workshop.
THE city council should be ashamed of itself for its despicable plan to withdraw the allowance paid to people with disabilities/ learning difficulties working at Curriers Close.
They feel Wes, aged 36, who has Down's syndrome, gets a sense of pride from earning the money from Curriers Close workshop.
The accommodation is on the popular Curriers Close Industrial Estate which has the advantage of being only two miles from the A45 and close to Tile Hill railway station.
If we close down Curriers Enterprises or Brandon Wood Farm you can imagine the reaction.