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1. Having been shortened; abbreviated.
2. Astronomy Of or relating to the orbital path of a solar system body when projected onto the ecliptic plane.

[Latin curtātus, past participle of curtāre, to shorten, from curtus, cut short; see curt.]


[C17: from Late Latin curtāre to shorten, from Latin curtus cut short; see curt]
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In terms of the future curtate lifetime K (x) at age x, the present value of benefits of 1 per year is an annuity for K(x) years:
Four special cases are, (1) If this component is positive, the trajectory is a curtate cycloid; (2) If this component is negative, the trajectory is a prolate cycloid; (3) If this component is zero, the trajectory is a cycloid; and (4) If this component is equal to the electromagnetic drift velocity, the trajectory is a straight line; both the curvature and torsion of the path are zeros.
Their methodology (Difference in Curtate Life Expectancy, or DCLE) was tested against the Fasano Associates database of over 50,000 unique lives and generated a difference between Actual and Expected of only 0.
Let us now illustrate this using the information about the insured most commonly used in life settlements: the medical underwriter has developed an estimate that the curtate expectation of life for the individual whose policy is being settled is m years.