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n. pl. cur·te·sies
The life tenure that by common law is held by a man over the property of his deceased wife if children with rights of inheritance were born during the marriage.

[Middle English courtesie; see courtesy.]


the tenure that a widower holds over the property of his deceased wife


(ˈkɜr tə si)
n., pl. -sies.
the life tenure formerly enjoyed by a husband in his wife's land inheritance after her death, provided they had issue able to inherit.
[1515–25; variant of courtesy]
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Ten yards farther on, John de Witt met a lovely young girl, of about seventeen or eighteen, dressed in the national costume of the Frisian women, who, with pretty demureness, dropped a curtesy to him.
She grinned cheerfully at us as she made a curtesy, and the overseer remarked that she had just been back to the house and had a baby.
Mrs Honour appeared below-stairs, and with a low curtesy to the squire offered to attend her mistress; but he pushed her away, saying, "Hold, madam, hold, you come no more near my house.
The signing was carried out in Malabo and it began with an audience of curtesy and reception, during which the Head of State received the committee headed by the Assistant Secretary General of the UN and the Director General of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibe.
1) While the husband did not own her real property, he possessed the use, and if she predeceased him curtesy granted him a life estate, after which it went to their children: J.
Ever since the statutory elective share replaced dower and curtesy, courts have been trying to expand the property subject to the spouse's elective share.
However, before all that happens the Gateshead Harrier is off to America for a two-month training stint in the Florida sunshine curtesy of support from British Athletics.
I was invited to the Bentley Test Drive Experience curtesy of Charles Hurst Specialist Cars and Bentley Motors Limited.
But Mause counters by appearing to a different, but shared ritual system: she presents her "best curtesy to the ground" and with a "mute motion of reverence .
Just the odd one will make us all proud and I always try to thank them for their curtesy and consideration.
The event, organised by Dudley Council's town centre management team, will feature a lifeboat curtesy of the RNLI and Halesowen Leisure Centre is offering free entry for children accompanied by a paying adult.
The gross estate consists of all property, whether real or personal, tangible or intangible, including "all property in which the decedent had an interest at the time of his or her death and certain property transferred during the lifetime of the decedent without adequate consideration; certain property held jointly by the decedent with others; property over which the decedent had a general power of appointment; proceeds of certain insurance policies on the decedent's life; dower or curtesy of a surviving spouse; and certain life estate property for which the marital deduction was previously allowed.